When You Increase Awareness, You Change Behavior

The Geek the Library campaign closed enrollment in June, 2014. Libraries enrolled in the program will receive full campaign support through June, 2015.

 Give us your commitment and we will give you the tools you need to launch a proven awareness campaign.

How Geek the Library Works for Your Library … Top Ten List

  1. 1 It positions your library as vital to individuals and the community at large.
  2. 2 It serves as a reminder to the community that public library funding should not be taken lightly, and that the library is a critical public resource that helps people reeducate themselves, find jobs and transform their lives.
  3. 3 It helps debunk public library funding myths and reminds the public that the largest chunk of public library funding usually comes from local dollars.
  4. 4 It provides a lighthearted approach to encouraging critical conversations about your library’s need for support and funding.
  5. 5 It creates opportunities to build important relationships with influential members of the community, and partner with community organizations, local businesses and schools, which will have value in long-term funding efforts.
  6. 6 It makes a full-scale and professionally designed awareness campaign simple to localize and execute.
  7. 7 It provides the materials and advice needed to cut through the marketing clutter and speak directly to the people who can provide the kind of support you need when it counts.
  8. 8 It provides an opportunity to be part of the events and activities where the public library may not be expected.
  9. 9 It builds advocacy and marketing skills that benefit the library well beyond the campaign.
  10. 10 It provides new and exciting ways to connect with your community and have fun.