Geek the Library: What, When, Where and Why

The Geek the Library campaign closed enrollment in June, 2014. Libraries enrolled in the program will receive full campaign support through June, 2015. If you have questions, please contact us.

How do I enroll in the program?
Enrollment for Geek the Library closed in June 2014 (libraries enrolled in the program receive full support through June 2015). 
How do I get materials?
To be eligible for free printed materials, you must commit to running the campaign by signing our official participation agreement. Materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
How much will it cost me to launch this campaign?
The program is free, but it will take time and effort. This is a difficult question since every public library and community is unique. We recommend that you set aside some monetary resources, if possible, for advertising and events. (Your field manager can work with you to evaluate an appropriate marketing strategy, including providing resource allocation recommendations based on the experience of libraries in similar communities.) There is no question that advertising plays an integral role in making people aware of Geek the Library, and sets the stage for critical funding and support conversations. We recommend that all libraries adopting the program commit to some advertising, but this is not required.
Will there be financial support or does this come out of my budget?
While we will do our best to provide adequate start-up training and limited ongoing assistance, we cannot provide any financial support. All resources—except materials provided by us—must come from the library.
Will there be any national media and/or media in my market?
There will not be any Geek the Library-sponsored advertising. All marketing efforts will be based on the local initiatives of individual libraries. However, due to the national appeal of the awareness campaign, we hope to see some national media coverage. Also, Geek the Library is available on many social networking websites, such as facebook and twitter, which could help fuel in-market and national attention.
What kind of support or training will be available to me once I commit to this campaign?
Once you agree to the terms and conditions, we will provide initial training in the form of telephone/Web conferences and/or regional meetings. Our team will be available via phone or e-mail to answer your questions and help you as you launch and continue to execute the awareness campaign.
Are marketing consulting services available once I sign on?
We have designed program materials and a website to provide guidance in how you plan and execute local marketing efforts. In addition, our field team will be available to help answer general marketing questions and provide advice based on what we learned in our pilot campaign. The team will hold regular webinars to provide additional ongoing support.
Why is Geek the Library only open to public libraries?
Based on a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research and development of the Geek the Library campaign—including all campaign materials—is geared specifically to public library funding issues. However, we encourage other libraries to use the free downloads available on, such as customizable e-mail signatures, and various computer wallpapers and Web banners.
How can I convince my board and other stakeholders that Geek the Library is a good investment of time and money?
The return on investment will not be immediate, but based on all of the data obtained from the pilot campaign—including qualitative and quantitative consumer research—Geek the Library has the potential to increase long-term library funding by positively impacting public perceptions of libraries and library funding.

Once you register, we will provide material and a presentation you can use to help library stakeholders understand the program and how it benefits your community. Additionally, as a participating library, you will receive access to an online Campaign Management Center—a roadmap for executing the campaign—where you can download hundreds of art files and helpful documents, find detailed guidance for every phase of the campaign and share ideas with other participating libraries.

Are libraries already participating?
Yes. Please take a look at the complete participating library list.