Geek the Library*

An Awareness Campaign for U.S. Public Libraries.

*The Geek the Library campaign closed enrollment in June, 2014. Libraries enrolled in the program will receive full campaign support through June, 2015. 

What is Geek the Library?

Geek the Library is a community awareness campaign designed to highlight the vital role of public libraries and educate the public about the critical funding issues many libraries face. Materials, resources and support are available to libraries willing to do what it takes to adopt this awareness campaign.

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Why this Campaign?

Geek the Library can help you tell your library’s story, while engaging the public to join the local public library funding discussion. Over time, this campaign can help significantly increase community awareness about the value of the library and how the library is funded—leading to the support your library needs when it counts!

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What You Need to Know

Before you commit, make sure you understand exactly what’s involved in launching a successful campaign. Remember, Geek the Library is designed to work seamlessly within and alongside your current initiatives, but it needs dedicated resources to launch and to maintain momentum.

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